Dance like Everyone is watching

We have all heard the wise mottos to dance like no one is watching, sing like no one is listening, and live each day like it is your last. But the phrases have an underlying meaning that the only place to feel comfortable being yourself, either dancing or singing or living, is when no one is there. But why is that? Why is it that the only way to “live each day like it is your last” is when you are alone. And why has society told us that the only place to fully be yourself is when you are by yourself?

The world is becoming a more open minded and accepting place. We have women running for President (this is not a political rant, just simply stating facts). We have plus size women posing for Sports Illustrated (this is not a healthy rant, just simply stating facts). We have individuals who are trying to identify their gender (this is not a transgender rant, just simply stating facts). This generation has been exposed to so many variations of individuals that it is impossible to define the term “normal”. What is normal to me, may not be normal to some one else. We also live in the time of technology and social media. Every thing is photographed or videoed for the masses to see. This alone has helped us become more open minded and supportive. But unfortunately with those strengths come weaknesses.

My Facebook timeline once consisted of status and picture updates. But now it is full of video posts. Unfortunately most of those videos are of people getting made fun of. And I have seen it all. People trying to dance, kids trying to fit in, individuals trying to work out, religious worships, children trying to learn. Anything you can think of, someone has recorded it to make fun of something or someone because they are not “normal”. And if the video is not of someone being made fun of, then the comment section is there to back it up. It is sad. People are vicious, mean, and spiteful all in the name of being what we think is “normal”. But the beauty of being “normal” is that the only person that can define the term is you. They say that the only language and behavior that everyone in the entire world understands is a smile. And it tells everyone that you are happy. And if you are happy then nothing should ever stop you from being yourself.

So it makes sense that the only place that we feel the most comfort is when we are by ourselves. No one is there to video. No one is there to laugh at you. But no one is there to laugh and smile WITH you either. It is inevitable that we will all die one day. Some sooner than others. We do not have the privilege of knowing when that will take place. So we only get one try at this thing called life, and I do not want to continue to only be “normal” to those who do not accept it. So from now on I will NOT dance where no one is watching. I will dance where EVERYone is watching, smile, and make sure to give them a damn good show.



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